Hi, there! Welcome to my world. Here is some Shtuff I really like.. When you're through visiting these pages, I have included some more links at the top and bottom of the page. These links will take you to other web sites that I am using mostly at this time to show some simple examples of my web designing adventures on the Internet.

  • My Animations: Really simple (sometimes childishly so) first attempts at animation
  • My ASCII Art (Just started!): A handful of homegrown ASCII art
  • Pets, The Kids: Just the cats this go round
  • You're Silly!!: Something for my kid friends
  • Aquarius: Condensed anatomy of an Aquarian
  • Animated Nerd: Still reminds me of "The Attache~y Case Kid", the lab partner who would dissect the worms for me in our Motivation In Depth Science Program many long mango seasons ago.. Hey, Lucas!
  • Butterfly Mouse Trail: Impracticable but fun mouse trail..
  • Clock Mouse Trail: Impracticable but REALLY fun mouse trail..

The results of various other trips across the Net are reflected in part in websites found elsewhere:

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Until we meet again..

Happy, Safe Surfing!

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